Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crispy Cheddar Chicken! and Summer Day and Night QAL Block 7

Hello everyone! I just had the best few days. I went to Door County, WI with a friend, my mom, and my sister. It was a blast. It was a long drive but it was worth it. We went to a drive-in movie, a light house, the beach, and lots of shops. Of course there are things I am forgetting, but it was fun. If you are from Wisconsin you probably already know about Door County if you are not from Door County do a google image search and you will see it is just gorgeous.

My husband stayed home with the dogs and I ended up leaving a night earlier than planned for the trip. Meaning I hadn't had time to cook anything for my husband to reheat. He pretty much ate out for the last three days. When I asked him what he wanted for supper this morning he told me, "Real food and something green!" I agreed completely. We were camping so we had quite a bit of convenience type foods and not much for vegetables. I was also craving some veggies. I had chicken breasts in the fridge so I decided to use that up. He had asked me to make the crumb chicken I used to make for him when he would come over in high school. I use to make that chicken nearly weekly for my family. It was good....but this is better!

I based my recipe on this link I did use some different spices to give it more flavor. I only made four servings. I dipped the chicken in milk, then in shredded cheese. I only needed a cup of cheese. Then in the cracker crumbs. I only needed half a sleeve of crackers. I seasoned the cracker crumbs with seasoning salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and a dash of chili powder. I didn't measure what I put in, but it was very little chili powder and seasoning salt. More pepper and garlic powder. I was a little skeptical of the cheese, but it turned out great. The chicken stayed very moist and the cheese added a lot of flavor! It was delicious. I highly recommend trying this recipe!

I also was able to finish my week 7 block for the QAL before leaving on our trip. I am hoping to get week 8 done sometime this weekend. I am also going to make valances for one of the teachers I work with. So, I plan on spending some time in my sewing room.

Summer school starts on Monday! This summer just FLEW by. I am hoping to keep posting on here at least once a week so be sure to stop in often. It may be more recipes than sewing for a while (seeing as how I HAVE to cook). If you enjoy my posts be sure to follow by email!

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