Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dresden Plate Block

Today I made my very first ever Dresden Plate Block. I used the free pattern from Fort Worth Fabric Studio. I don't love 30's prints, but I felt like this block was one that everyone needs to make once and when better to try something new than today? So, I went on Pinterest and searched Dresden Plate Blocks to get some ideas. Click here to go to my Dresden Plate board on Pinterest. I pinned many that were a little more modern or that were used in some amazing projects. I liked the ones with the fussy cut centers best. I always love a good fussy cut block. I started with my center fabric and chose coordinating fabrics for the 20 blades.


The directions given on Fort Worth Fabric really are pretty good, so I don't have a lot to add. Other than two things. The first being that when you are cutting out your Dresden blades I started by cutting rectangles that were 2 3/8 by 4 1/2 from my scraps. Then stacked and cut. If you are using yardage and not scraps, I recommend cutting 4 1/2 inch strips and then just rotating your template like seen in the pictures below. Cutting this way you will not waste very much fabric at all.

The other change I made was to the center circle. I cut my circle a quarter inch larger than the pattern directed and used fusible interfacing instead of web. Sew the interfacing and the fabric together with the right side of the fabric facing the sticky side of the interfacing. Then you cut two small slits in the shape of an "+" in the interfacing and turn the circle right side out. This gives you a slightly more finished center. I have pictures below showing the process.

Remember that you can NOT iron the circle until you are placing it on your block!
The last suggestion I have is to use your stitch in the ditch or topstitching foot when you sew down your center and blades. I used my stitch in the ditch foot and then moved the needle to the left so that it would catch what I was sewing down.
Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for....MY FINISHED DRESDEN PLATE BLOCK!!!!
If I am being honest the block is a little bright, even for me. I am not sure what I am going to use it for yet but I am glad that I made it. I'd love to see any Dresden plate blocks you have made. Link in the comments or email me and I will post them to my blog!


  1. I have seen this style used on a cushion and it looked amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Dresden's squares are some of my favorites. Your color combo is great such happy and cheerful colors.

  3. What a cheery and fun colors! Yes it is bright, but is so joyful!
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