Thursday, June 11, 2015

Finished Sampler Quilt with Links to Blocks

I have officially finished piecing all of the blocks for my sampler quilt. I started off doing blocks from The Skill Builder Sampler on Sewn By Leila, but I encountered some blocks that I really didn't care for. So, I decided to add in some more blocks that I really love. Below is a picture of each block I made with a link to the tutorial I followed. Click on the picture to go to the tutorial I used for each block.

See my post Everyone Makes Mistakes for the story behind the goofed up Circle of Geese, maybe it will keep you from making the same mistake. The link does take you to the pattern I used...which is 100% correct, the goof up was all me.
All together...
These are just laid out...not sewn together. I have a confession. When it comes to fabric I have serious commitment issues. I have picked out entire quilts just to turn around and put them back. I am lucky enough to have a fantastic fabric shop in my home town...I am even luckier that my aunt is the owner and I get to spend quite a bit of time there. That just makes it easier for me to put off picking fabrics. I want to add some sashing. Although, I think it would look okay without too. I was thinking gray or a blue. What do you think? Sashing, no sashing? Color? Border? Ahhh! Still so much to think about!

 I'm also interested to hear what your favorite block is

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