Thursday, June 11, 2015

Four Corners Table Topper

I hope you are all enjoying your day off and spending a few moments remembering those that have served our country. As promised I am posting my finished table topper. I was having so much fun quilting it last night that it was 12:30am before I went to bed! Normally I only see 12:30 once a year and that is on New Year's Eve. Below I am providing my materials and cutting measurements. I will also give some instructions, but it is pretty simple to figure out.

1/2 Yd Yellow
1/4 Yd Black Dots
1/4 Yd Light Blue:
1/4 Yd White
1/6 Yd Flowers

4- 5" Squares
1- 2.5" Squares

8- 2x5
8- 2x8
4- 2x10
2- 2 x 24.75
2- 2 x 26.5
8- 2x8
8- 2X11

2- 1..5 x 22.75
2- 1.5 x 24.75

2- 1.5 x 26.5
2- 1.5 x 27.5
I started with my center squares and sewed on the yellow 2X5 pieces onto each side of the blocks. Then I press and sewing on the yellow 2x8 blocks. I continued to work my way out adding the blue next. Then I added the yellow sashing. This is where the 2.5 inch flower square comes in. For the horizontal sashing you are going to sew one of the 2x10 pieces to each side of the square. Then sew the sashing like normal. Once you have added your sashing you just add the borders.

This is very vague, but it comes together quickly and easily. The hardest part to figure out was the cutting measurements.

It finishes at 28 inches square.

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