Thursday, June 11, 2015

One Hour Tote

Happy Saturday! This is another great weeknight project. It took just over an hour once I got my fabrics all picked out. I used this tutorial with some modifications. I added a pocket to the interior and because I didn't have enough pink to use it for the entire lining I cut the lining piece to be 13X22.5 inches (just like the shell fabric) and cut 2 of the pink fabric 13X5 inches and sewed one on each end of the lining piece. Can't even tell the difference!

In case that was confusing here it what I cut:
1 Lining Piece 22.5X13 Inches
1 Shell (Outer) Piece 22.5X13 Inches
2 Accent Pieces 13X5 Inches
2 Straps 4X22 Inches
Interfacing 1 Piece 22.5X13 Inches
Interfacing 1 Piece 31X13 Inches

This bag is standing on its own! There is nothing in it. If you would like the bag to be even stiffer I would recommend using fusible fleece. The only other thing I would change would be to make the straps 30X4 inches if you would like to be able to wear it on your shoulder.

I would love to see any tote bags you have made. If you send them to me via email I will feature them with a picture and a link (if you have one) on my blog next week!

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