Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thrift Store DIY

Happy Wednesday...I think. I always lose track of time over breaks. Today I had some errands to run and decided to stop into the local thrift store. Lately I haven't had much luck finding any fun projects, but today I found a few frames I really liked.

Here are the before pictures...

The oval pictures aren't so bad, they just aren't my style and wouldn't have had a place in my home. These were 25 cents.

This rectangle frame took me a minute to see the potential. Again, nothing wrong with cross stitch, but it is not my style. Then I realized that it was just in there like a picture and could easily be removed. It got even better when I realized the mirror could also be removed. It made from some easy painting. This frame was $1.

Now for the after pictures...

For the oval frames I just replaced the pictures with some fun scrap paper that matches my sewing room d├ęcor. So easy, but oh so cute!
The rectangle frame took a little more TLC. I first removed the mirror and cross stitch and painted on three coats of acrylic paint. I just used a paint brush. I started with foam brush but with the details a paint brush was much easier.

Once the paint dried (I am impatient so I helped the drying process along with my blow dryer) I started playing around with fabric I could use for the top. The first one was a great neutral but I decided I wanted something that would pop a little more. This frame has to wait for Christmas decorations to come down before I hang it, but then I have the perfect spot for it!

Speaking of Christmas, we have one celebration left. Which gave me the perfect excuse to make one more batch of sugar cookies. I think they turned out pretty. :)

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

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