Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thrift Store Mirror Makeover

This summer my husband and I purchased our first house. I was just so excited to decorate it. We had both agreed that we wanted to find a mirror to put above the sofa. We looked...and looked...and looked some more. Even at the $100 price range we just couldn't find anything that we both liked. When I came across this beauty at the second hand store for $1 I knew I had to buy it. I had no idea how I was going to deal with the missing plaster, but for a dollar I figured I could always just donate it back if I couldn't figure something out. So, I bought the mirror and headed straight to Walmart. I picked up some black spray paint. Then I wondered around aimlessly until I came up with a solution. I bought some fake flowers and decided to experiment a little. 
The first thing I did was cover the mirror part with newspaper and painters tape. (The way the frame and mirror was made I couldn't take out the mirror.) Then I sprayed the frame with paint. I usually use a paint with primer in it, so I don't have to prime first. After the paint started to dry I removed the paper and tape. While I waited for the paint to dry completely, I cut the tops of the flowers off the stems. Once the mirror was dried completely, I used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers where the missing plaster was. Now, you can't even tell there was ever missing plaster!

When you find a great price on something just go for it! Take some risk and have fun with your projects. It makes it more fun! Have a thrift store makeover you would like to share? Send me an email with pics @! 

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