Monday, September 7, 2015

A little bit of everything....

Hello everyone! Today I have lots to say. School has officially started. I survived the first week of school with 90 degree days with sixteen five and six year olds. That alone requires celebration! I am looking forward to a much cooler week. Even though I have not posted I have still been having some fun. I was trying to make the most of what is left of summer, so I took my dog and my wonderfully girly tackle box and went fishing.

I have also been able to try two new recipes this weekend. The first is a pasta casserole. I have tried recipes similar to this and found them to be too creamy, but I really enjoyed this one. My husband hasn't tried it yet so I can only share my opinion. I think it would make the perfect comfort food. Here is the link to the recipe:

I also tried this dessert recipe. I must warn you that while this dessert is delicious it is very sweet it doesn't take much to satisfy a sweet tooth. It makes a full 9x13 pan which is going to be too much for my husband and I. I recommend this for potlucks or on dessert trays during the holidays... or cut the batch.There is no egg, so the recipe would be easy enough to down size. The link to this recipe is here:

I have received two different bundles of solids from two different bloggers this summer and I knew I wanted to use them together. I started by cutting them into 2 1/1 inch strips and just started sewing them together into sets of 5, I wasn't for sure what I wanted to do but I had a couple of ideas. Then fate stepped in today and I came across this video I hadn't even been searching for anything sewing related. It just came up as a suggested video and it was perfect! Here is the first block! Isn't it gorgeous. I think the solids are going to be perfect. It is also a great mindless sewing project. I need something I can work on after school for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Something that I can just leave out and sew when I have time. This is going to be great for the beginning of the year!
For those of you who were following along with the Summer Day and Night Quilt Along I have still not sewn block 9...I really need to finish that block and finish off the top... but I got a little burnt out. Hopefully I can get that top finished off soon. I am usually so good about not starting something new until I have finished my other projects... oh well.
I hope you have all found some time for fun in the hustle and bustle of life. I am sitting and typing this post with my two dogs sleeping at my feet and feeling pretty grateful for my life. Sometimes we all let stress get us down, but take some time to do things you enjoy and not feel guilty about it. It's the time we spend with our families and friends and the things that we do just for fun that make life worth living.
Have a wonderful week!

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