Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tis the Holiday Season....ALMOST!

This year I am breaking all my rules and embracing the Christmas season a little early. I have always been a huge fan of decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I had a friend down this weekend and we decided to celebrate Christmas a little early since we won't be able to get together for a couple of months. We watched a Christmas movie, put up our artificial Christmas tree (we are going to get a real one a little closer to Christmas), made Eggless Sugar Cookies, and did a lot of Christmas sewing.

We started with a couple of 10 Minute Table Runners. Mine is the snow flake one with the sparkly ruffle. My friends is the awesome snowmen.

While working on our table runners we got a surprise visit from a couple of my crafty sister-in-laws and spent a little time talking with them.

Then I made pillow covers for all of the pillows on our sofa. I went very simple with envelope style backs. The red has gold and white snow flakes and the black have jumping reindeer on them with gold swirls.

Once I finished all my sewing I started rolling out sugar cookies. YUM! My friend and I were joking about how I am pretty committed to my current cookie recipes with the exception of cutout cookies...I haven't found a recipe I was ready to "marry". Trying a new cooking recipe is not something I do often. We were trying an eggless recipe since she is allergic. I have to say this sugar cookie recipe may have me running to the alter if our next date goes well! It is vegan recipe, but I used regular milk, left out the almond extract, and used normal butter. These cookies were light and fluffy and retained their shape! I love them!!!
There is one more project we are finishing up! Stay tuned to see the finished product!

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